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RTG Powered Casinos - LLas Vegas USA

RTG Powered Online Casinos - All Star Slots

In our opinion...video slots rock!

One of the best things about RTG Powered Casinos is that they have so many video slots to choose from. Whatever you want to see, from sea captains and lions to ancient Egypt and modern themes, they will surely have something that captures your fancy.

In the "Mermaid Queen" at Las Vegas USA Casino, not only will you see beautiful mer-people, but there is a lot of money to be found under the sea. Free spins are always a welcome addition to any game, especially if it is guaranteed that you will win something good! Hey, with all the clams you'll accrue there you'll even be able to buy a real pearl necklace...maybe one of those long ones with lots of pearls on it that you can wrap around a couple times....

Droughts have become quite common in the Midwest U.S. over the last several years. The Native American's believe that certain types of dances would please the gods and bring them rain to end the droughts. The rain would help their crops grow and in doing so, bring them prosperity and wealth. We hope that "Rain Dance" at All Star Slots will do something similar for you! This video slot has 20 ways to win and many colorful objects to watch while you go through them. Start praying to the Great Wheel in the Sky, 'cause you're going to want all the luck you can get to make the cash fall like rain around here!

RTG Powered Online Casinos - Slots Plus

These well dressed birds are going to liven up your night when they slide across the reels at Slots Plus Casino! We're talking about penguins, well, "Penguin Power" to be more precise. In less than a half hour of playing this game, we won over 40 times our bet, and it was amazing! You're going to have your own happy feet as you dance all the way to your bank with a big, fat winnings check from this video slot.

Do you play the didgeridoo? If not, you'll be able to pay for lessons after cashing out big whilst playing the "Red Sands" video slot at Sun Palace. They have all of your favorites from Down Under and they're lining up to make you an even bigger winner than you already are! Don't worry, there aren't any bird spiders or rattlers here, but watch for the 'roos to stop side by side in order to land yourself some sexy shrapnel....

They've really hit it out of the ballpark with this RTG powered video slot! There's not a better place to play "Golden Glove" than at Club USA Casino? The bases are lined up and waiting for your perfect pitch to hit this one out of the park! You know that famous song about taking you out to the ball game? Well, you won't need any peanuts or crackerjacks to make it through this game. Batter's up at Club USA Casino!

You can also check out the 3 reel slots when you get bored of video slots. Go to Las Vegas USA Casino to see them now.