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Table games are always a diverse lot that many people are quite picky about. Although technically, table games are supposed to be any game that is played at an actual table, we chose the ones that are a little bit different from just plain cards and their like to talk about below.

You can find many more table games at High Noon Casino, but these ones will give you a start on what's available. If you were looking specifically for blackjack games, check out RTG's 21 Games.

American Roulette is the next game up on the table! (You don't like American Roulette, eh? Click here to view the European one, we won't hold it against you.) You have your red and black, but don't forget your greens! That's right, there are the additional green zeros for you to bet on in American Roulette. If you do correctly guess a green, the payout can be phenomenal! We're are talking about add the extra zero or two to your pocketbook. Feeling lucky? Take it for a spin at Lucky Red Casino and collect your $4,000 sign-up bonus while you're there....

Many people have never heard of Sic Bo, or if they have heard of it, they don't know how to play it. This game is really nice because you can pretty much bet on whatever you think might be true about how the die will roll out and you can win a ton of money if you are correct. Should it be the case that you are one of those lovely people blessed with high intuition or any psychic friends that are willing to help you out, then this is going to be your golden ticket! All Star Slots has a great version of it for you to try out. If the table layout seems confusing, play a couple of times with only one bet and it will make sense fairly quickly. We're certain that you will be a winner at it in no time at all!

We are all aware that craps isn't a word that you necessarily want to associate with a betting game, but when Craps can bring you loads of money, we'll shout it from the rooftops! Perhaps Craps gets a bad rap because it isn't one of the easier games to learn to play at any casino, that would be our guess. Even though it may be the case that the rules seem a bit more complex, we highly recommend that you take a look at Las Vegas USA Casino's Craps table to see what all the hubbub is about. There are game rules that you can see there as well. One good thing about craps is the number rules are going to be the same each time, so you will be able to catch on fairly quickly once you understand them.

Check out Club USA Casino for their Pai Gow Poker. It's a really fun card game that uses the same card formations as classic poker, but instead of just one hand, you have to choose how you will break it up to make both hands beat the dealer! It's an easy game to win, if you get decent cards and can split them properly. (Hint when you have nothing, make sure the two highest cards are split between both hands.)

European Roulette gives you a better chance at winning than American Roulette because it doesn't have the extra zeros. Also, it allows you to place different bets than just the ones that the American version does. If you want to try a simple bet to start out with, we were told that a easy trick to playing is to keep betting on the same color from the same bet because eventually, you will either win a bunch of small bets, or loose some small ones and win a really large one! Go double or nothing at Sun Palace Casino to place the best bets of your life!

If you decide that you have to be true to the blackjack lover that is hidden inside of you, may we suggest that you go check out the $500 bonus that Slots Plus Casino is offering to their new patrons? We've been to their blackjack table and you should too. The cards are sure running hot today!