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RTG Online Powered Casinos - Sun Palace

RTG Powered Online Casinos - Vegas

Playing cards wasn't always just about poker tables! There are many more games for you to find if you like the cards at RTG powered casinos.

Pontoon is a classic! Have you ever played it? You should try it out at Slots Plus Casino. Don't know how to play it? It's easy, we'll explain! The basic rules follow those of classic 21, but there is a twist. You can win three different ways. (1) You can score an ace and a face (2) You can be closer to 21 than the other players (3) You can get a five card trick, which is where you get five cards and they don't make your cards bust over 21. Head over there right now to see how much you can win!

Next up, we have Three Card Rummy. Who doesn't like a good game of rummy? Playing it with three cards makes it even quicker to get your winnings! This game is similar to classic poker, but better. Try to get a three card straight, run or 2/3 of a kind and you are as good as gold. You may even be able to double your money if you think that you will beat the dealer. Go to All Star Slots to play it today.

It's time for Baccarat. Are you ready? You get up to two hands at one time and each hand can only have up to three cards. Are you with us on this? You are trying to get a total of 8 or 9. The face cards and 10s are worth zero points. If the amount of cards in your hands add up to more than 9, then the amount in the ones position is what the hand ends up actually being worth. We told you it was tricky! Now it's your turn to get a little bit more familiar with it at Lucky Red Casino. They're just waiting to give you their 400% welcome bonus and that could get you a lot of hands at Baccarat!

Red Dog is another interesting card game that not many people have heard of, but it can be addictive once you know how to play it properly! You need to keep in mind that the ace is the highest card you can get (2 is the lowest). Watch for the number of cards in between the ones that are dealt out to you. This is important because the number of cards between the two dealt to you will determine your payout. For example, if the cards are 2 and 5, there are two cards between them (3 and 4)and you will get a payout of 4:1 if the next card dealt is one of those middle numbers. Anything higher or lower will bust you! If you get a match right out or a consecutive set, it is a push and neither the dealer or you win. Confused? We hope not! Sun Palace Casino has a seat open with your name on it! Now that you know the basics, you really should try it out to see how fun it can be.

You know the saying: "All is fair in Love and War." This is definitely true at Las Vegas USA Casino! That's right, it's War and you're gonna love it baby! It's a classic game that follows classic rules, but now you get money for it when you hand your opponent their assumption that they are going to win. Cha-ching! You'd better go there now before they have you raising the white flag. There's even a $500 bonus awaiting your arrival!